This department ensures comprehensive processing of paperwork related to labour relations for employees of the city (City Hall), human resources, modernisation of city administration, and managing its performance and quality. It also coordinates the preparation of internal regulations and keeps records of them.

HR Section

This department deals with all matters related to human resources including wages for employees of City Hall and where necessary for other employees of the city or people in a similar relationship. 

Section for Quality Management and Modernisation

This section coordinates and manages the activities of City Hall with regard to modernisation of the city’s public administration and quality management.

Legal Services Division

This department provides legal services to City Hall, city authorities, and to members of the Assembly to carry out their roles, and where necessary also for other offices working for the city.

Audit Section

This section undertakes public administrative audits of established organisations.


Customer Services Desk

The customer service desk provides general information, issues authenticated copies from public administration information systems, offers archiving services and also runs a lost and found service.

Operations Section

The operations section ensures that the council is equipped with hardware and technology, unless this is expressly assigned to another department.

Car Fleet Section

This section stores and services a limited number of vehicles from the car fleet owned by the city, ensuring that they are always fit for use. It ensures any related activities and is responsible for the technical condition of all technical equipment, and ensures that they are regularly maintained and repaired. Where necessary it undertakes other departmental tasks.