This department provides services and support for the needs of individual authorities of the city and its elected representatives. It provides organisational, information, legal and material support for the work of the City Assembly, the City Council and City Hall. It acts as liaison between the city or City Hall and the general public and other entities. It also handles crisis management for City Hall and handles the city's foreign relations agenda.

Organizational division

This department provides administrative services to city representatives, and where necessary to other members of the City Assembly and city employees. It organises and arranges meetings of the City Assembly and City Council meetings, and where necessary meetings of other authorities (Council Commissions or City Assembly Committees). It participates in arranging the smooth running of elections, or referendums.

External relations division

Handles the city's twin town relationships and organises business trips for city representatives, and arranges interpreters and translations. It also manages all other activities and contacts relating to the city's external relations which are not handled by other sections of the council. Takes care of publications about the city, about the presents for propagation of the city.

Promotion Section

This section covers media representation of the city, the activities of its authorities and representatives and where necessary also its employees.

Crisis management division 

This department carries out the city's agenda in relation to crisis and emergency planning and also supports the activities of other entities and authorities in the city's crisis management system, in particular the city's mayor.