Assistance for start-ups in Pardubice City and Region is offered by the Pardubice Business Incubator P-PINK in the following areas:

  • Business plan creation
  • Trade license proceedings
  • Contractual relations advisory
  • Tax consultancy
  • Professional training
  • Help with systematic development
  • Possible consultations of business plans with mentors
  • Shared premises
  • Short- and long-term lease of office space
  • Business meeting rooms
  • Possibility of virtual headquarters

Before you start up... the basic info published by CzechInvest – Business and Investment Development Agency

Point of Single Contact

The purpose of the Point of Single Contact is to facilitate starting business for entrepreneurs. Its goal is to help both Czech entrepreneurs who want to provide services in other member states and also service providers from other member states who want to expand their business into the Czech Republic. The Point of Single Contacts provides:

  • information  essential for establishing business, especially particulars of application and contacts to administrative authorities
  • general information about providing services in other member states of EU
  • general information about remedies and options of dispute settlement
  • general information about consumer protection in other member states of EU
  • contacts of person who can help service providers or recipients with problems with domestic authorities, or authorities in other member states of EU.
Point of Single Contact

Frequently asked questions

Can an employer post its employees to work in the European Union?

Yes, an employer can post employees to another EU country under the conditions set out in the Posting of Workers Directive. There must be an employment relationship between the posting company and the workers for the duration of the posting. The posting of workers is subject to working conditions which must be applied during the posting in accordance with the law of the posting country.